Clowns have been around since at least the days of the Pharos. While some people enjoy the slapstick antics of clowns, or Jerry Lewis for that matter, I find most clowns to be downright creepy… and, I am not alone. The fear of clowns is defined as coulrophobia, and this visceral dislike for the grown men in whiteface with floppy shoes is widespread. Most children are no longer interested in clowns at their birthday parties, and even kids who have never been to a party with Shakes the Clown will run when approached by these creepy adults. I don’t know what prompts an adult to decide to, rather than work in an office and earn a living like other adults, to put on make-up and a red nose and parade about in public, molesting balloons.

This website is dedicated to all of us who don’t like clowns, mimes or that creepy, unshaved guy who drives up and down your street in the suburbs, trolling for children who love ice cream. Yes, I also dislike the Ice Cream Man, and the damn music he keeps playing, over and over. We live in a world full of monsters and demons, most of our own making, but we can’t be sure that we are really alone when we go to bed. We have to check our closet and under our bed, and close the curtains to keep out the creepy shadows from the big tree outside.

So, please review our Rogues Gallery of clowns and other creepy and scary individuals. I am going to link to clips from scary movies, offer photos and drawings of the criminally insane and deranged, and suggest that maybe the Boogeyman is not simply a myth, and the things that go bump in the night may have very real and frightening explanations.

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