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Ventriloquist Dummies

In a New York Times article, a very unique museum is reviewed. This museum, the Vent Haven Museum in Fort Mitchell, Ky., is a home for retired ventriloquist dummies. I don’t know about you, but my creep-o-meter goes off when I’m staring at a room full of 1400 wooden dummies, and they’re all blankly staring back. If you don’t get spooked, or feel something about this is plain evil, then you really haven’t got much of an imagination.

“There is nothing quite like the gasp that escapes your mouth as you walk through three small buildings on a residential street here and find yourself mutely stared at by 1,400 eyes and grinned at by hundreds of painted lips over leathery chins. You are sharing company with beings barely this side of cartoon, bearing long proboscises or protruding goggle eyes, shapeless torsos and eerie charm. Lining the walls are photographs of these very figures perched on the knees or cradled against the shoulders of the men and women who once gave them voice: dummies and their ventriloquists.”
[Read the full article.]

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  1. Posted June 22, 2009 at 1:32 pm | Permalink

    This is a very good article about the Vent Haven Museum. In the Boston, MA area, there is a private collection of ventriloquist dummies (one of the largest private collections) called the “Ventriloquist Central Collection” and is owned by Dan Willinger. If you’d like more information, check them out at: http://www.ventriloquistcentral.com

    Steve Hurst